A selection of responses we have received from our customers

On behalf of the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service may I thank and send our sincere gratitude for successfully restoring and returning our highly valuable data.

We commend your service and professionalism and will be recommending your facilities in future.

Andrew Watterson, Clinical Audit Officer, Northern Ireland Ambulance Service


Great news and a great service. I have passed on your web site to several people who look after the company computers plus some other repairers we use. All have needed data retrieval people in the past but found the known ones to be SO expensive.

Thank you for all your help and I wish you well in the future.

Andrew G., London


After formatting my memory card by mistake and having had various camera outlets in the USA tell me I had no hope of getting my pics back, I was extremely upset. On arrival back to the UK, I found the website of Flash Guardian and after a very speedy and efficient service, I now have all my holiday snaps recovered, for which I can't thank them enough. If only I could re-visit those outlets that were so negative!...

Carole C., Warks


Disc arrived safe and sound and is very much appreciated. I thought they had disappeared for good!!!!! Wonderful service and I'll be sure to recommend your service to my friends and colleagues.

Alan G., Lancs


I am seriously impressed and pleased with the job you did and can't thank you enough.

Simon F., Cambs


I was delighted to find the document database that I was particularly looking for amongst the files, intact and exactly as I last remember it.

Harry B., Devon


Thanks for all your help, and the quick turn-around. I will certainly recommend Flash Guardian to anyone else with a similar problem.

Wendy H., Essex


Once again thank you, and I recommend your company to anyone I know, you're not only cheap but you're also approachable and helpful throughout.

Marissa A., Edinburgh


Your company fills a gap in the market, and without it, people like myself wouldn't have previous memories that they can keep forever.

Nicola T., Bucks


Thanks for your quick service - just a week ago, I thought my photographs were lost for good, and I nearly didn't even bother to contact anyone, because I thought it was hopeless. But today, I have almost 200 photographs back, and words can't say how delighted I am.

Thanks again,

Paul G., Suffolk