Terms and conditions

You should send your memory card, hard drive, or other media, to one of the addresses given on our contact page (UK or Australia), or communicated to you via e-mail.

We will attempt to recover all the data from the media, and if successful in retrieving any data (photos, documents, etc.), we will send this back to you on CD or DVD (in some cases data may be returned on hard drive or other media, in which case we will charge for the media if supplied by us). Upload to an FTP site (accessible by password) is available for an additional cost.

For protection of your data, we will retain a copy of the data for 7 days after we send it back to you, in case the return package containing the data is damaged or lost in the post, or there are any problems reading the data. After this time has elapsed we will permanently delete your data from our hard drives. If requested, or if circumstances indicate the necessity, we may retain the data for longer.

By sending the media, you are declaring that you have permission to recover the data and to copy onto another device. Flash Guardian reserves the right to refuse to recover data where it is found to be offensive or for any other reason.

Holding of data on FTP: The information will remain on the ftp site for a maximum of 28 days. For security reasons the data will be limited to access from one computer per day and limited to a maximum of three downloads. All access to the data is logged. Flash Guardian reserve the right to remove the data (and will return any charges paid (less the £10 fee for analysis and return of card) if the material has not been accessed).

In the event of our failure to retrieve any data from a memory card, DVD or CD, we will charge a flat fee of £10, and refund any excess payment above this fee. For hard drives a fee of £30 applies in the event of non-recovery, or if you decide not to proceed with recovery on the basis of our quote, in the event of physical recovery being required.

Flash Guardian cannot be held responsible for any loss of the media in the post, or for damage whilst attempting to recover data. Media will be returned via first class post, unless an additional fee is paid for the use of Recorded or Special Delivery, or courier (see our charge list), with the exception of fully-functional hard drives, which will be returned by Special Delivery. In any event, Flash Guardian's liability is restricted to any money paid for the service, and the value of the media. Any media which are sufficiently damaged upon receipt that there is no prospect of their economic repair will be deemed to have zero value.

Flash Guardian will never pass on retrieved data to any other person or company, except where that person or company is engaged for the purposes of data recovery, in which case they will be bound by the same rules of confidentiality.

Flash Guardian is the sole owner of the information collected on this Web site. We will only use any contact details you provide for the purposes of dealing with your requirements, and will never pass on your e-mail address to any other person or organisation.

All information on this Web site is copyright 2004-2006 by Flash Guardian.