Removable media

We can retrieve information from virtually all portable media: SmartMedia Cards (SMC), Cards (MMC), CompactFlash (CF), IBM Microdrive, Sony MemoryStick, Sony MemoryStick Pro, Secure Digital (SD) Cards, xD Cards, etc.

We can also recover files from USB keys, CD ROMs, DVD Roms, floppy discs, and provide a specialist Hard Disc Recovery service.

Even in cases the media is so damaged that it is not recognised as a drive letter, or the PC refuses to format it, data can usually be retrieved. All prices include postage of the media back to you on a CD or DVD.

We will keep backups of your files until you confirm that you have received the files safely. If we do not receive confirmation, we will retain the files for a period of 2 months, to ensure that we can replace the files in the event of a problem.

Hard Disc Drive (HDD) Recovery

Our hard disc recovery service is sensibly-priced, and second to none in quality. Even where the hard disc drive has failed mechanically, we can recover the data in 90% of cases. The price will depend on whether mechanical procedures in our cleanroom are required, but we will always investigate the disc and provide a firm quote before proceeding.

For more information on hard disc recovery see our Hard Disc Recovery information page.

For more information, or to request data retrieval services or quotations, please email us at