Hard Disc Drive (HDD) Recovery

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Our goal is to provide data retrieval services of the highest quality, at prices that are affordable.

We believe our hard disc recovery service is second to none - even where the hard disc drive has failed mechanically, we can recover the data in 90% of cases.

The fee we charge for recovery depends on whether mechanical procedures in our cleanroom are required, but we will always investigate the disc and provide a firm quote before proceeding. However, if we are able to process the disc without use of our cleanroom, the charges in the table below will apply. These charges are all-inclusive, so the price quoted is the price you pay.

Even in cases where the disc is not recognised by the BIOS, data can usually be retrieved.

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Our No Risk Guarantee: If we are unable to recover any files, we will charge a flat fee of just £30 to cover analysis and return of the disc.

Non-intrusive recovery

In cases where non-intrusive techniques can be used to recover your data, prices will be charged as shown in the table below.

PRICES - Hard Disc Drives

SizeUK Price (£)
Up to 20GB£149
Up to 40GB£179
Up to 60GB£199
Up to 100GB£219
Up to 120GB£239
Up to 160GB£259
Up to 250GB£279
Up to 500GB£299
Up to 1TB£329
RAID Arrays£PoA

The prices quoted cover discs up to the specified size, where 1Gb = 1,000,000,000 bytes (the standard method of quoting size for hard disc drives). For larger disc sizes, please contact us to discuss pricing.

All prices include postage of the media back to you on CD, DVD, or HDD, by Special Delivery. If large quantities of data (more than 12Gb) are to be recovered, we will copy this onto a new hard disc drive - either send a blank hard disc drive along with the disc to be recovered, or else we can supply one (the cost will simply be added to the final bill - e.g. 75 for a 120Gb drive). For smaller quantities of data, we will transfer to DVD.

Cleanroom procedures

Where physical techniques are required, such as repairing the drive, replacing components, or re-mounting the drive in our cleanroom, we will provide a quote for recovery so that you know the price before you commit to the procedure. In most cases we would expect the price to be between 350 and 650 depending on the work required.

We will always keep you informed of the charges which will be incurred in a recovery, so that you can choose whether or not to proceed with the recovery at the quoted price.

Payment methods

Payment can be made by personal cheque, via PayPal or via EFT.

For more information, or to request data retrieval services or quotations, please email us at info@flashguardian.co.uk.

Our aim is always to be clear about the price we charge for our services, and to provide the most reliable yet cost-effective recovery service available.

Flash Guardian is part of Cambridge Data Recovery, and you can also contact Cambridge Data Recovery if you require hard drive recovery, RAID server recovery, photo recovery, or camera card recovery services.