Flash Guardian Charges

Our goal is to provide data retrieval services of the highest quality, at prices which are affordable.

Our pricing structure is based on the size of the media from which the files are to be retrieved, not on the actual files retrieved. This is because even if you only lose a handful of files, we still need to scan the whole of the media.

Our No Risk Guarantee: If we are unable to recover any files, we will just charge £10 to cover analysis, and return of the memory card.

PRICES - USB stick / Memory Card

SizeUK Price (£)AU Price (AU$)

All prices include postage of the media back to you on a CD or DVD by standard post.

Other charges

ItemUK Price (£)AU Price (AU$)
Floppy disk recovery£25$60
CD-ROM recovery£50$120
DVD-ROM recovery£80$190
HARD DISC DRIVE recoveryfrom £99from $249
Return postage by Recorded Delivery (UK)£3
Return postage by Special Delivery (next day) (UK)£6
Return postage by Special Delivery 9:00am (UK)£10
FTP Hosting* (price per 100MB)£10$25
* FTP Hosting is subject to a minimum charge of £10, and is based on the actual amount of recovered data hosted, rounded to the nearest 10MB. 1MB = 1,000,000 bytes.

Hard Disc Recovery

We also offer a specialist Hard Disc Recovery service at prices from £99; even in cases where the hard disc drive is physically damaged our successful recovery rate is 90%. See our Hard Disc Recovery page for further details. We also provide a recovery service for microdrives which are physically damaged (e.g. where they are not spinning); this utilises the same cleanroom techniques as our hard disc recovery services, and typically costs between £120 and £250 - we will always provide a firm quote once we have analysed the microdrive. (In cases where the problem is due to data corruption, prices for microdrives are as quoted in the table above, and we will proceed on that basis.)

Payment methods

Payment can be made by personal cheque, via PayPal or via EFT.

For more information, or to request data retrieval services or quotations, please email us at info@flashguardian.com.